20 Mar 2012

The Legend of Bangsri Village The Legend of Bangsri Village

Long long time ago, there was a most beautiful girl name Roro Wiji. She was Ki Ageng Bangsri daughter. Because she was beauty, one of Ki Ageng Bangsri’s student loved with her. His name Sorogotho. He was very arrogant. 

One day, Surogotho wanted to be Roro Wiji’s husband. 

“Roro, would you marry me?” Surogotho said. 

“I’m so sory Gotho, I can’t be... because I’m not loving you” Roro answered. Surogotho angried with her. 

“You must be my mine!” said Gotho. Roro feel scared and she ranly. Surogotho followed her. 

“Wait for me Roro, you must be my wife!”said Surogotho. Roro ranly unitil she met a man. 

“Please help me sir, I’m in degerous now” roro said. 

“What kind I help you girl?” ask a man. 

“Surogotho angry with me because I can’t loving him. Please keep me sir.” Roro explained. Sorogotho came and inquired with a man. “Sir, are you know Roro Wiji?”ask Gotho. 

“I don’t know Surogotho.”anwered a man. 

“Where is Roro Wiji?” ask Gotho again. 

“really Gotho, I don’t know where is girl.”answer a man again. 

“I don’t belive you !!!!!” said Gotho with killing him. To memories this event the name of place was “Wedelan” 

Ki Ageng Bangsri knew of that, andd he made a juice. On the way, Gotho met Ki Ageng Bangsri. 

“You look so tired Gotho?” ask ki Ageng. “Yes, Ki I’m in tired” answer him. Surogotho was tired and dranking a juice. Than, he changed be a Gotho crab. 

Surogotho was angry and broked the villager. Roro Wiji knew it. 

“Father, may I be something that is can be finish Gotho’s do?”ask her. 

“I hope you can do the best to finish this problem. If that your choise, doing now and helping many people thats not have mistake” anwered Ki Ageng. Roro changed her self be lempe snake. 

Finding that strage event, if there peole was sick because ate gotho crab, can be fine if ate lempe snake. A few days later a village was called “Bangsri”

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